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Tailored training
One-to-one coaching
Impartial consultancy

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Tailored, small-group, on-site courses for teams working with data. Our specialities are: introducing data science, stats, machine learning and AI for managers; Bayesian modelling and software; data visualisation; statistics for health research and clinical audit; predictive analytics. email to discuss your team's goals.


Take time to look at the big picture of your career working with data. One-to-one, confidential sessions with a trained co-active coach who can ask the right questions, so you can define your values, priorities and goals. email to discuss your personal journey.


Confidential expertise in statistics to review or help develop new processes and outputs. We can help with statistics and machine learning analyses, Bayesian modelling and prediction, health research and clinical audit, meta-analysis, data visualisation and communicating complex results, and recruitment or management for data science teams. email to start a conversation about how your organisation could develop.

Photo of teaching in progress

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